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"What If" 285 pages
10 Short Stories by Barbara Bourke

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Is our life just a series of random encounters or divine intervention?
Have you ever been faced with that crossroad in life and endured the agony of making a life changing decision? What is the right choice for me? What if I take the wrong turn? What if.... Follow your intuition, as your Journey will take you where you are meant to be.

Ally’s life was turned upside down when she was called to an accident scene were both her parents died in a car crash. Deeply distressed and grieving she questioned her job as a nurse. Only with the urging of her grandmother, the only family she had left and her best friend Debbie, she stayed. What if she had given up nursing and moved to another city? How would her life have been? She would not have met the mysterious Mr. T, an old man without memory. Nor the inspirational boy Tommy dying of Leukaemia, who touched her heart. Neither would she have met Samantha and Elizabeth and been able to learn about their incredible stories. An emotional journey into the past begins when Ally finds a letter written many years ago, exposing some secrets which will bond the three women forever.
Then there is Olivia, Sabrina and Jade who have their own heart-warming and mysterious stories. Follow them as their lives are cleverly entwined within each other’s worlds to bring you to the final story which will connect all of them forever.

Those ‘feel good’ stories are about life, love and friendship with a tender touch of mystery. Metaphysical and spiritual undertones woven throughout will once again leave you with the same question.......‘What if...’

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