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The Many Faces of Mackay
Mackay Photo Book by Barbara Bourke 

42 Pages/50 photographs

FREE ebook version and Flip Book link

Price: AUD$ 25.95

Mackay is a city on the eastern coast of Queensland, Australia. It is located about 970 kilometres north of Brisbane, on the Pioneer River. The Mackay region produces more than a third of the cane sugar of whole of Australia, hence its Nickname ‘The Sugar Capital of Australia’. But Mackay is not just a 'sugar city', we are also proud of our mining industry making Mackay one of the most prosperous regions in Queensland.
Mackay is part of Central Queensland; however, some believe it to be part of North Queensland. People living in this beautiful part of the World call it the Mackay-Whitsunday region.
We have got everything to offer our visitors and locals alike. Take a trip to our wide beautiful beaches or enjoy the crystal clear waters around our 74 island. A drive up in the mountains will take you to the freshness of the rainforest with waterfalls and platypuses and relaxing mountain retreats. The city centre is lined with cafes, restaurants and shops for every taste. And on top of this we have the great weather with an average maximum temperatures range from 30 °C in summer to 23 °C in the winter.

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