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Sodium Ascorbate 250 grams
One of the best forms of vitamin C

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Sodium ascorbate contains 10% sodium. Sodium ascorbate is one of the best forms of vitamin C.

Using ascorbic acid the body may becomes too acid or mineral deficient and can irritate the stomach lining. It is not ascorbic acid our body needs, but rather the ion of ascorbic acid - ascorbates.

Can sodium ascorbate rise blood pressure? Only for a small percentage of people this may be true. It will depend on other factors including the ratio of potassium to sodium in the body and/or with diagnosed congestive heart failure. In this case you could use potassium and magnesium ascorbate combined with ascorbic acid. You may neutralize some of the ascorbic acid with potassium bicarbonate. In the end, the solution should taste slightly acid.

With low blood pressure use mainly sodium ascorbate with calcium ascorbate.
Directions: 1 level teaspoon= about 2 g
Recommended 500 - 3000 mg, therapeutic up to 100 g (neutralized). You may dissolve the Sodium ascorbate in water, herb tea or juices

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In order to comply with TGA requirements in Australia about the sale of this product we offer it only under the condition that in countries where this is illegal it is not being used for treatment of humans.

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