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Poetry and Photography
Poetry and Photography by Barbara Bourke     
40 pages - 42 photos - 29 poems/quotes

FREE ebook version and Flip Book link

Price: AUD $ 25.95

I am Barbara Bourke and I believe poetry and photography has always been a great marriage. The addition of a poem can enhance and change the perception and the mood of a photograph; it lets the picture speak. Any poem can be a compliment to a photograph by adding another dimension to the words. However, each has the power to stand alone.
For me poetry is a kind of communication from the heart by using the mind to form words to express feelings. A photograph is a witness to a moment which would have otherwise been lost in time. Each on its own is a beautiful and powerful tool to reach and touch someone. It is an art which should be observed not only with the eyes, but embraced with the heart and understood with the soul. It should be uplifting, taking you to a place where you feel happy and positive. To a place where you can forget and remember even if it is just for a few moments; somewhere where all is well with the world. We all need moments like this and if a few written words or some photographs can take you there then go and relish in the moment, take your body, mind and soul and just let it be.

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