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Lugol's Iodine Solution          Refill Pack

1 x 50ml and 1 x 100ml Lugol's Solution

Price: AUD $51.95

Our Lugol’s Solution contains 10% Potassium Iodide and 5% Iodine in an aqueous solution. This is the correct combination of Iodine and Potassium Iodide to be called Lugol’s Solution. It was first developed by French physician Dr. Jean Lugol in the 1820s, hence the name.

Lugol's solution is especially valuable as a disinfectant for all kinds of fungal conditions, and may even be used for pets and other animals.
It is commonly used for disinfecting drinking water. Traditionally Lugol's solution has been used for disinfecting water during camping trips. But now it has also become a matter of importance for disinfecting drinking water at home because of the common contamination of our tap water with chlorine and fluoride, while bottled water tends to contain hormone-disrupting bisphenol A (BPA). Therefore households increasingly start collecting rain water for drinking and cooking. However, to make this water safe for drinking it may need to be disinfected.

Iodine destroys bacteria, fungi, viruses and cysts. Its effectiveness depends on its concentration, the water temperature and the duration of contact. A concentration of 8 mgs of free iodine per litre at 20 degrees centigrade will destroy all pathogens if left for 10 minutes. Lower concentrations, cloudy water, and lower water temperatures require a longer period. One drop of Luglol's contains about 6.5 mg of total iodine or 3.25 mg of free iodine. To get a standard drop size hold the pipette or dropper vertically. This means a suitable treatment dose is 3 drops per litre. Our 50 ml bottles hold around 1000 drops.
The taste of iodine can be removed by adding vitamin C (about 50 mg), lime or lemon juice after the treatment time.
Those with a history of thyroid disease or iodine allergy may be advised against using iodine for water purification.

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