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Borax 400 grams

A Naturally Occurring Mineral Salt

Price: AUD $ 12.95

Borax has a long history not only as a household cleaner and insecticide but also as a first-class fungicide. In scientific articles it has even been shown to be effective against arthritis, osteoporosis and menopausal problems. "Borax is commonly sold as technical or agricultural grade with 99 to 99.5% minimum purity. Potential impurities consist of sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, bicarbonate, carbonate, sulphate and phosphate but not toxic or heavy metals. This grade includes the borax commonly used as household cleaner. Pharmaceutical grade is not noticeably purer or better."


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In order to comply with TGA requirements in Australia about the sale of this product we offer it only under the condition that in countries where this is illegal it is not being used for treatment of humans.

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