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2 x 50ml Lugol's Solution

Magnesium Oil



Sodium ascobate

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  Stride into Health has great pleasure in bringing you their range of health products at great prices. We believe health does not need to cost the earth, and we are always trying to source the best suppliers for our products at the best prices possible. 


"The Constant, Conscious Pursuit of Living Life to its Fullest Potential."


We usually think of Health and Wellness meaning one and the same. This is not so. Generally, health refers to simply being free of disease, but wellness is an overall balance of the body mind and spirit. It has been used in the context of alternate medicine since Halbert L. Dunn MD (1896-1975) who was know as the "Father of the Wellness Movement" in the 1950s and the concept of wellness became popular in the 1970s. Today we would say wellness is an active process and we need to be aware that choices need to be made towards a more fulfilling, positive and healthy life. In other words.....


Your path to better health can be found on your road to wellness.


Our products can be part of your search for a healthier life.  


Lugol's Solution 50ml, 100ml: an Iodine solution in a perfect combination of iodine and potassium iodide (10% Potassium Iodide, 5% Iodine) helps with fungal infections like Candida and other microorganisms and the health of the thyroid gland.

Lugol's Refill Pack

Lugol's Solution 200ml

MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution):is great for killing off parasites, viruses  bacteria and other microorganisms, especially in the blood stream.

Magnesium oil: is fast becoming the greatest magnesium supplement on the market. It doesn’t need the digestive tract to be absorbed into the body, making it 100% bio-available to tissue.

DMSO:DMSO (CH3)2SO is a natural substance derived from wood pulp.

DMSO BLEND: For Pain and Inflamation

Olive leaf: Is one of the best parasite and other microorganism killers and best used after Lugol's and either by itself or together with MMS. Also excellent for colds and other immune conditions, and strengthening of the heart.

Colostrum(20% IgG): Has long been known to be the greatest supporter and enhancer of the immune system. This is the stuff babies strive on right after birth.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane): a sulphur compound found in abundance in nature, however, processing, storing and cooking food destroys the essential MSM sulphur. Without MSM varying illnesses may develop.

N-Acetyl Glucosamine (NAG): Is vital for the strength and health of connective tissue. In the N-Acetyl form it is easier absorbed and stays in the blood stream longer.

N-Acetyl Carnitine: Is more bioavailable and brain active than L Caritine. This makes it superior for neurological tissue, memory, concentration and enhances fat utilization and energy production.

Fungal Lipase: A fat splitting enzyme is often missing in our diet. Heating food destroys lipase and inhibits fat metabolism. Our Lipase is one of the strongest on the market.

Gorgeous Greens:  A combination of Wheat and Barley grass, Spirulina, Alfalfa and Chlorella

Copper Salicylate: Is the strongest copper combination for inflammation. In combination with either MSM or Magnesium oil it is easily absorbed through the skin.

Potassium Citrate: Natur's alkalizer. Helping to restore the acid/alkaline balance.

Sodium Ascorbate: One of the best forms of vitamin C

Maca Powder Extract: Contains unique alkaloids which activate or balance the entire endocrine system, and also strengthen the immune system.

Borax: Borax is a naturally occurring mineral salt

God I Am: A book by Peter O. Erbe

P5P:The active form of vitamin B6




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